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Tech support with a personal touch

Jones Tech Support offers friendly and helpful service for all of your digital needs.

High Quality Support

My passion for technology means that I genuinely love running a tech service. Because of this, you can expect high quality, friendly tech support every time! I have years of experience with technology and have even worked for my school district’s technology department.

Support for anything

Flexible tech support for just about anything with a power button. I’m comfortable with every major platform and device type, so if a device/service isn’t listed on the website, just reach out and ask!

Flexible support options

In addition to in person support based out of Erie CO, online options (including remote device support) are also available!


Stephen’s enthusiasm for technology is evident in the exceptional support he provided when we worked together. His meticulous attention to detail and undeniable drive to assist others truly set him apart!


When we moved into our home, we discovered it had a lot of TV, audio, and internet wiring that was difficult to understand. Stephen was able to determine the peculiarities of the wiring and why it was done that way. He recommended the router we should purchase and helped set it up. Stephen also found a more efficient way to connect our basement TiVo Mini to keep it from going off-line. In addition, he helped with our transition from Samsung to Google cell phones. We continue to count on Stephen for our network maintenance and advice with all our electronics.


About Stephen

Hi, I’m Stephen! I’m 18 and I’m currently a senior at Erie High School. In my free time I enjoy spending time with friends, biking, or skiing. I love working with technology and I have a passion for making sure everyone can make the most out of their gadgets. Having my own tech support business has always been a dream of mine, so I’m excited for the opportunity to do business with you!

stephen jones email phone 720.541.9983